My Practice


Clinical consultations

Out-patient clinics providing consultations and facilities for minor procedures such as nasal, pharyngeal and laryngeal endoscopy and microscope examination of ears where required. Simple procedures such as nasal septal cauterisation for nose bleeds, ear dewaxing and treatment, grommet insertions are also carried out. Full audiometric, imaging and blood testing facilities are available and usually can be undertaken on the day of attendance. Dedicated paediatric out-patient facilities are situated at the Cromwell Hospital.

Operating theatre

Where surgical intervention is required Mr Grant has access to first class operating facilities at the Cromwell, Lister and Charing Cross Hospitals, with teaching hospital anaesthetic support. Image-guidance surgical navigation facilities for sinus and skull base surgery is in routine use, and new techniques such as balloon sinuplasty and eustachian tube balloon dilation are available. Dedicated paediatric operating theatre and paediatric ward facilities with paediatric nursing and facilities to accommodate a parent staying overnight are all available

Bupa Cromwell

Lister Hospital

Charing Cross Hospital